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2 Days 1 Night

So, it has been confirmed that Sung Sikyung, Uhm Taewoong, Lee Sugeun and Yoo Haejin left the show and will be replaced by Kim Joohyun, Kim Joonho, Defconn and Jun Junyoung.
OMG! Last episode of Joowon I was crying Niagra fall. What about this 4 brat's last episode. OMG! I'm grateful Cha Taehyun and Kim Jongmin are still in the show.
Anyhow I enjoyed this show since Kim C's last episode. After that I really love this show and keep watching it. So with the new cast member I hope it will not be awkward (well I guess not because we have Taehyun and Jongmin. The stupid and the bad luck one ). hahaha
But seriously I'm going to miss them ecspecially Sikyung my favourite member!  uwwaaaaaaaaaaa
Untill then, BYE!