My Future~~

-i feel so alone... where are you.. miss you so much
-why did u go without our permission??
-we feel really sad that we cry everyday
-you are our ''happy moment''
-are you happy there? we are not happy here
-but your other members make we happy
-we sometimes can forget all our sadness but it is just for a while
-then we gonna remember both of you again
-what a sad moment ... i cant imagine whats gonna happen
-you said... it is just for a while
-you said u are not gonna leave us
-we wait and wait and wait
-your birthday... we celebrate with tears
-we ELF !! will not gonna forget u .. we will remember u..
-it is just for 2 years
-together we share the tears..

OPPA (leeteuk & heechuL) .. Saranghaeyoooo~~

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